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Kursus pertama gratis!

Experienced native professional English teacher currently working with the biggest English institution.

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I've always made students the focus of the classes, not having the students focus on me. I encourage them to be more active and productive, also to analyse tasks together. I approach the students by giving guides instead of chaperoning or dictating them.


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    Pemahaman lisan - Bahasa Inggris

    Bahasa Inggris - British


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    Sekolah Menengah Atas (SMA) Kelas XII

Tentang Christy

Before I introduce myself, please be more careful when choosing a teacher from this platform. It saddens me how I came across quite a few number of teachers who claim to be experienced English teachers but unfortunately, I spotted so many grammatical errors in their profiles.

Hello, everyone!
I'm Christy! I've been teaching English professionally for almost 10 years now. I've taught different groups of students, ranging from toddlers to corporate business classes. As of the moment, I’m focused on teaching adult learners.
I graduated with a first (Summa Cum Laude) in communication studies, and also certified in English for Business from the City & Guilds UK.
I'm friendly, very outgoing and I always get along with students well. I always try to keep my classes interactive and engaging for students.
I’m currently teaching full time at the biggest, most well-known English institution (EF Adults) but don’t worry, I’m also here on superprof! :)
To mention a few of my experiences, apart from my private classes, I have also taught big corporate classes e.g. Ninja Express, BNI, Mandiri bank, Investindo, Indonesia’s Ministry of Education, etc.

When requesting a class, please send me a message written in English beforehand. Please inform me what your situation is and what you would like to focus on. This will then determine whether or not I’m the suitable teacher for you. Thanks a lot, looking forward to meet you!



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Hello, I am aware that my fees would seem higher than other teachers on this platform. But please remember that I have more than 10 years of experience and I also have the qualifications. I will try my best for you to enjoy the classes, as you can see from my reviews below :)

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  • 01

    1) Apakah Anda berbicara bahasa ini dengan lancar karena latar belakang Anda atau karena ada seorang guru atau tokoh yang menginspirasi Anda untuk mempelajari bahasa ini?

    I am blessed to have been born and raised in a multicultural background. Having been raised in Australia (and also The U.K.), English just naturally became my first language, making me a native speaker.

  • 02

    2) Dapatkah Anda menyebutkan karakter atau tokoh yang hidup, historis atau fiktif yang menurut Anda merupakan representasi simbolik dari sebuah budaya bahasa yang anda ajarkan?

    As much as I wanted to come up with a historical figure, I picked Harry Potter instead. Who represents The U.K. better than the characters from Harry Potter? With all the different dialects, and personalities, which shows how diverse and different the English culture could be.

  • 03

    3) Apakah ada kata khas, frasa, tradisi, atau perilaku dalam bahasa yang Anda sukai?

    "Work hard, play hard" - Life might force you to work as hard as you can, but remember to always take care of yourself! Have fun and enjoy what you have earned from that hard work.

  • 04

    4) Mengapa berbicara bahasa ini penting bagi Anda?

    English is not just important to me, but also to everyone. We can't deny that English is the lingua franca. Either you're travelling for business or leisure, you will always need English to interact with people.

  • 05

    5) Apa kesulitan utama dalam mempelajari bahasa ini dan apa yang dapat membantu Anda dalam proses pembelajaran?

    From my long experiences of teaching students, most English learners struggle with grammar. It is indeed different from your mother tongue, but practise (and also with guidance) makes perfect! 🙂

  • 06

    6) Ceritakan pengalaman unik atau menarik Anda yang pernah terjadi selama pengalaman Anda mengajar bahasa.

    It's a long list to pick from as I have met so many great students. But one that I will treasure, I had a student and she was always a wallflower in the classroom. She wouldn't speak English at all, and she wouldn't interact with her classmates. I tried my best to make her come out of shell, either it be playing games or watching movies together - because I wanted to show her that learning English can be fun and it is not as terrifying as it seems. A couple of months later, she became this sociable student who loves conversing with her classmates. By the time it was my time to leave, she gave me a very sweet letter on how I have helped her conquer one of her fears. The letter made me cry, and that was the first time I felt very appreciated as a teacher. Ever since then, I keep wanting to help more and more English learners and prove to them that learning is fun.

  • 07

    7) Bagaimana pengalaman Anda dapat membantu Anda meningkatkan keterampilan dan pengetahuan Anda tentang bahasa?

    Experience is the best teacher! that is true. I have always known how to speak English correctly, but ever since teaching, I now know the reasons to what make it right or wrong. Which is very beneficial when it comes to teaching students.

  • 08

    8) Apa yang membuat Anda menjadi seorang Guru teladan dalam hal bahasa?

    I am here to help you learn English the correct way. Unfortunately, based on my experiences, a lot of English learners were taught incorrect English by their teachers. It then fossilised, and it takes more time to re-learn something right. Please be careful when it comes to searching for a teacher.

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